Preparing for CA Coaching is not as difficult as it is thought to be. And yet, students consider it extremely tough, not because of the content needed to be studied, but because of the psychological fear which students create themselves.

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Superwhizz CA Coaching Institute, Vijaywada believes that the preparation for CA can be smooth if the students inculcate the following tips in their lifestyle:

1. A Disciplined Schedule: Having a schedule and following it religiously will not only help you optimize your day better by having dedicated study hours, but also leave you with enough time to relax and do things which you like doing.


2. Exercise/Meditation: Inculcate a sports activity or meditation in your routine, even if for 30 minutes each day, so as to have a healthy body and improved concentration span which will help you focus better on studies.

3. Reference Books: Never rely on just one book. When you refer to different books for each subject, it broadens your perspective towards a particular topic and helps you learn much faster. Some books have easy language, others have easier descriptions.

4. Early to Bed, Early to Rise: Out brain retains what all we study only when we are sleeping as it is forming memories then. Sleep of 7 hours a day is sufficient and necessary. Keep a fixed time for sleeping and waking up.

5. Start Coaching Classes early: It is necessary to have guides and mentors who understand the subject and have good experience of teaching. Coaching helps you fasten the process of learning and clears your doubts readily.


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