I come from a very small farmer family in which even thinking about aprofessional job was a distant dream. But I wanted to become something in life. I wanted to bring a change in the way we lived. To become something, I had the will to work hard but lacked the funds which were required for studies.

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I got to know about Superwhizz’s Talent Test and decided to work hard to clear it. By God’s grace, I was able to bring manageable marks. I requested to meet Gupta Sir and told him about my financial situation. He told me that he saw a will to become something in life, in me and ensured to not only provide me free CA Coaching but also funded me for books and other study related expenses. That was the day my heart filled with respect for Gupta Sir & his Superwhizz CA Coaching Institute in Vijaywada.

I worked day and night, gave in double efforts to study and seeing my dedication, Gupta Sir also seemed happy with me. I cleared the CA exam with flying colors. I still remember the day when I told my father & mother that I have become a CA. The tears of happiness in their eyes and the sense of pride they felt were the most valuable thing which Superwhizz & Gupta Sir have given to me, after the monetary support.

Today I own a decent house, a car and have all the basic luxuries of life.

I will always be indebted towards Gupta Sir & Superwhizz and can proudly say that yes, Superwhizz has changed my life forever.

Thank you, Superwhizz. Thank you, Gupta Sir.

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