The job of a CA is as critical as the job of a doctor. The doctor improves the health of the patient, and an efficient CA considerable improves the health of any company’s financial image. Mastering the traits of a successful CA is an art in itself; and can only be learnt from people who master the skill and know the game of finances like nobody else.

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Superwhizz CA Coaching Institute in Vijaywada is the ‘king-maker’ in the realms of CA coaching. Their track record of producing expert CAs is like no other institute. Their secret recipe lies in very basic of details. The Superwhizz CA Coaching Institute not only understands the crux of concepts like nobody else can, but is also sensitive towards the fact that the best way of teaching is in the language which the pupil understands. They have a tailor-made program which understands the students’ psychology, and teach them in the same accord.


With visionary teachers like Mr. Gupta, a very important duty of giving the country master CAs, which lies on his shoulders, seems an effortless task. His dynamic personality, ever-motivating stature, and futuristic vision ensure that students are prepared to shine like diamonds in their respective careers.

The reviews from students, the results over the years and expert faculty, speak for itself in a manner that no other word of introduction or praise is required.

Superwhizz CA Coaching Institute, situated in Vijaywada, should be the home of any student who is serious in making his career as a CA. Because only experts can make you an expert.

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